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Working paper industry in 2010 in Henan Province Henan Association of Paper Industry Conference and the Fourth Council Session held in Anyang City Hua

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Sponsored by the Association of Light Industry in Henan Province, Henan Province, Paper Printing and Packaging Industry Association of Light Industry Branch, Anyang City, Bureau of Industry and Information Technology Co, Henan Association of Paper, Hua County People's Government, Henan HKUST Ultrasonic Machinery Co., Ltd. hosted the "2010 conference paper industry in Henan Province "in 2010 27 to 29 April was held in Anyang City Guest House Hua County. From Henan, Shandong, Hebei, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Guangxi, Beijing, Tianjin, Henan and other provinces and cities in more than 30 key companies and more than 30 paper-related industries than 100 representatives attended the meeting.

April 27 evening, Henan Province, Zhao Guang Paper Association president, chaired the Institute of Henan Province, the first paper will be the fourth executive director in 2009 and describes the situation in the paper industry in Henan Province, Society, Vice Chairman and Secretary General Li martial summary of the 2009 Engineering work and the work envisaged for 2010. Conference Paper addition of Puyang Lung Fung, general manager of Liu Jichun Engineering, Henan Province, Watson Paper Co., Ltd. Chief Engineer Senior Engineer Liu Jie, Baiyun Paper Co., Ltd. Kang Baoping Zhumadian as vice president, general manager of Henan Anti-Yong Viognier Vice Chairman of the executive director of the Corporation Ren Yuliang. Silver Pigeon Group of Henan, Xinxiang New Asia Paper, Lung Fung Paper Puyang, Henan, northern Henan Paper Longquan Group, Henan paper feeder, a Lin Zhiye Henan, Xinxiang tai Paper, Henan River Paper, Zhumadian clouds Paper, Paper Hongda Xinxiang, Henan Paper Wing Wai Sheung Lok, Henan Province, China through Huarui Paper, Wugang City Haiming Paper, Henan Watson Paper, Huaxian bright paper, wood science and technology Beijing Golden Harvest Jiyuan branch companies, business Qiufeng Yuan Paper, Paper Ruizhou Hebi, Henan Province, Xinyang Hengyuan Paper and other key business leaders introduced the paper the company in 2009 and future development goals. Members of the council of the Association expressed satisfaction with the work of the past four years, the future work and valuable comments and suggestions.

April 28 morning, "the paper industry in 2010 working conference of Henan Province" by Henan Province, the Executive Secretary of the Rectification of Light Industry Engineering Association, chaired the meeting. First of all, Anyang City Huaxian County deputy secretary of the county Mr. Dong Lianghong welcoming remarks, followed by Anyang Bureau of Industry and Information Technology Military Road, Yu Anyang City Secretary introduced the situation of Industry and Information Technology, Henan Light Industry Association vice president, Society, chairman of Henan Province, Mr. Zhao Xiaoguang paper and gave a welcome speech "in 2009 the completion of the paper industry in Henan Province, Henan Province, the paper industry in 2009 and 2010 top ten enterprises in Henan Province, the paper industry trends," the report Chen Siliang Ministry of Light Industry Bureau of the original paper report of the Secretary made a warm, Provincial Industry and Information Technology Department Deputy Director Cuixu Sheng Henan Province introduced the Office of Industry and Information Technology for corporate functions and by 2010 the work Secretary-General of Henan Province, Li Kaijun Brand Promotion Committee to do a "business management, brand name recognized, international brands, national brand, governor of Quality Award, the Mayor Quality Award" and the important speech.

28 afternoon session of the "pulp and paper environmental technology exchange." Co-organized by HKUST Ultrasonic Machinery Co., Ltd. Henan, Chief Engineer, introduced the technology of ultrasound pulping conditions, pulp and technical cooperation unit of ultrasonic Henan Normal University Professor Sun Jianhui made a "chlorine-free bleached pulp ultrasound technology development and production," the report "Chinese Paper" magazine editor Yang Chenming introduced and Henan Light Industry Association jointly held the "Rise of Central China Henan Paper," the dossier case, Henan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Xie Yanhua Asian God, chairman introduced the "artificial wetlands for Paper Wastewater Treatment ", and the Guangxi Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. Dong-Ming Chen Chen Green Deputy introduced the" low-cost pulp and waste water treatment technology ", Qinyang City transportation director Zhang Cuimei strong environmental protection machinery factory introduced the" Integrated low-carbon clean and environmentally friendly pulp and new technologies ", Henan University, Professor Zhou Dapeng introduced the" Recovery Pak Nai recovery technology, "and so on. Total of 12 leaders and experts in the General Assembly made a statement.

During the meeting the delegates visited the Henan HKUST Ultrasonic Machinery Co., Ltd. of the plant and production workshop.

Watson Paper Company Paper also Henan, Kaifeng Jin Ming Paper, paper companies, Xinxiang, Puyang rising paper, Yu Sheng Xuan Paper City, the group Green Paper, Paper Henan Sheng Yuan, Henan Owen Paper and other business leaders attended the meeting. There are paper-related industries Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. of Jiaozuo City, Mazzoni, Zhengzhou Bioko Paper Technology Engineering Co., Ltd., Qi County Double paper mill plant, the fourth machine tool plant in Kaifeng, Zhengzhou non-limited blanket Walter Network , Henan Boao pump, the dawn of Gongyi City West phase flow pump, Zhengzhou Yu Guan Industrial Company, the installation of Zhumadian City Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou, New Materials Co., Ltd., Gateway, Henan Province, Hongyuan Chemical Co., Ltd., Jiangsu, machine group, Best Environmental Company of Shandong, Shandong high-tech machinery and equipment Co., Ltd., Shandong Anqiu Marine Machinery Co., Ltd in Hebei province Shijiazhuang Zhuangshen Lun, Hing Kong Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd., Hebei, Tianjin Light Machinery Co., Ltd., Anhui Pacific Special Mesh Co., Ltd., Guangxi Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd., Green morning unit leaders and representatives attended the meeting.

"Chinese Paper" magazine, "Chinese paper" magazine, "Fortune Paper" magazine and Henan University and other units also participated in the meeting.

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