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Cleaner production standard paper industry (paper pulp) will be implemented July 1

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For the implementation of the "Environmental Protection Law" and the "People's Republic of Cleaner Production Promotion Law", protecting the environment, for the paper pulp and paper industry companies to provide technical support to carry out clean production and guidance to develop the standards. The standard provides in meeting national and local pollutant emission standards based on the current industry technology, equipment and management level, the paper industry (paper pulp) general requirements for clean production. The standards are divided into three levels. A representative of the international advanced level of clean production, two representatives of the domestic advanced level of clean production, three representatives of the domestic production of basic level of cleanliness. As technology continues to progress and development, the standards will be revised in due course. This standard specifies the paper industry (paper pulp) general requirements for clean production. This standard paper industry (paper pulp) Cleaner Production indicators point five, that is, production technology and equipment requirements, resources, energy use index, pollutant generation indexes (end of treatment), waste recycling targets and environmental management requirements . This standard applies to the waste paper pulp and paper industry companies to clean production examination, clean production to determine the potential and opportunities, and performance evaluation of cleaner production and cleaner production announcement system performance, but also for environmental impact assessment, environmental management, waste discharge permit management system. This standard is published for the first time

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