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Lung Fung Paper Puyang through "the third installment of circular economy pilot projects in Henan Province" Review

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Recently, Henan Province, Henan Province Development and Reform Commission paper tissue Institute of Light Industry Research Institute of Henan Province, North China Water Institute, Henan University, with Lung Fung Puyang Paper Co., Ltd. declared "the third installment of the circular economy to implement the program in Henan Province "had a review. Group believes that, Lung Fung Paper recycling economy pilot implementation of the program around the business need to address the main issues and recycling economic development objectives, with its own conditions, to submit a waste, wastewater, waste gas utilization and clean production technology and other key projects, in line with provincial Development and Reform Commission, "the preparation of circular economy pilot implementation of the program outline" requirements, agreed by the implementation of the program.

In recent years, Lung Fung Paper relying on technological innovation, promote a comprehensive energy, water, energy, comprehensive utilization of resources and clean production technical progress, and continuously optimize the industrial and product structure, and establish a material recycling, energy recycling and waste resources of the production system, in energy saving, clean production, pollution emission targets have to catch up the advanced level of the same type enterprises, improve the resource utilization, to the resource conservation and comprehensive utilization of the purpose of achieving a more good environmental benefits, social benefits and certain economic benefits, and industry development of circular economy played a leading role model.

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